Wulfgar Gunnarsson

Solves all of life's problems by hitting them with a big axe


You mean I put an abnormal brain into a seven foot tall, 54 inch wide giant?

Wulfgar’s Memorable Deeds

  • Exsposed the treachery against Clan Kjari

Wulfgar’s story really begins with his brother, Arf. At age 14, Wulfgar’s older brother had taken him hunting and, kind, caring brother that he was, had left his younger brother alone to fend for himself while the ‘men’ hunted. However, when Arf returned to collect Wulfgar, he found him bloodied but still standing, a brown bear dead at his feet.

On returning to Rohald, Wulfgar was taken to see the volva, who saw instantly that the young man had survived his encounter with the bear by entering the rage of the berserk. The bear had been sent by Thor, to mark him as one of the thunder god’s chosen and Wulfgar has embraced his fate wholeheartedly.

Wulfgar is a strong and capable warrior, but knows his limitations. He looks to Jorun for orders and insight into how to conduct himself, relies on Kester for healing and mystic knowledge and sees the value in Rag’s way with words. However, sometimes his impetuous nature will overcome his good intentions, and on other occasions, Wulfgar will be so consumed by anger (or alcohol) that even Jorun’s commands will go unheeded. When this happens, Wulfgar will simply do what he does best; charge at the problem and hit it with his axe.

Wulfgar Gunnarsson

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