Saga of Clan Kjari

A wyrd perspective

Kester shares his thoughts on the troubles he has witnessed

Kester the Thulr is not a simple man. For as long as he can remember he has been aware of the otherness that dwells beyond mortal men’s senses. But being aware is not enough for Kester. He sought to understand this other realm that sits beside Midgard, and by understanding it he can control it.

Through his pursuit of the unknown he has been shunned by others as they are suspicious of anyone who dabbles in this other realm. ‘It is not for mortal men to know of such things’ they would yell at him, but this didn’t stop Jorun Hrolfsdottir from befriending him and making him part of her retinue.

A hunt that began innocently enough ended in violence and death. Mercenaries were encountered and destroyed, but not before we questioned one of them. A fellow thulr was amongst them and giving them orders, but he was nowhere to be seen. In a panic the retinue returned from the hunt empty handed, much to the bemusement of the townsfolk. Save 6 horses little else was delivered by the hunting party of Jorun Hrolfsdottir and that brought shame upon them.

Kester thought little of what people thought of him as he had done throughout his life. Being an outcast was his lot thanks to being touched by what is wyrd. Answers he sought and answers he would get. So determined was he that he questioned the prisoner again only to discover that he had suffered severe concussion from the attack earlier in the day that he was of little use.

The night drew in and festivities began to build. A slaver ship from Finland landed with twins, women who were touched by the wyrd that drew many in the retinue to them. This was especially true of one of the hirdsman who was particularly taken by them. That distraction led to some interactions with the twins that generated more questions about their origins and purpose.

Eventually a Jol Feast was initiated with Hrolf Bjornsson the Jarl bestowing the title of heir to his daughter Jorun Hrolfsdottir. Speeches were made by all in her retinue, including Kester, who delivered words that were drawn from the wyrd places and was deemed to be weird by all who heard them. Again Kester cared not for what people thought, only that his friend understood that he would do all that he could to help support her and her family.

The hindsman that was bewitched by the twins decided to go hunt for some flowers to give to them. Despite it being in the depths of winter the oak managed to find some growing isolated on the beach. Many took this to be a sign from the gods and it wasn’t long before Kester discovered that this giant of a man was indeed touch by the other. He sensed no malice in this turn of events, but the hirdsman’s aversion to heat was a cause for concern.

Later that evening both Kester and a beserker in Jorun’s retinue hid in the stables as they suspected something amiss was to happen there. They were right of course as the mysterious thulr was discovered lurking there and eventually captured. He tried and almost succeeded in using the wyrd to place a pox on those who was oppose him. Two men fell but his efforts grew too much for him and a battle of wills between Kester and this thulr took place. This struggle was won by Kester and the name of the person who had hired the mercenaries was revealed. It was the Tryggersson’s who were behind this attack. The in-law family of the Jarl had elected to attack the Kjari clan for reasons no one could fathom.

But there was a twist in the tale; the thulr had left a rune in the town that would cause a great sickness to spread at midday the following day, causing many to die in agony. The location of this rune was not revealed and Kester was forced to let the mercenary leave unharmed. For he had placed a spell on the information he gave that would vanish should he come to harm.

Rushing back to town the retinue had no time to spare. A search was initiated to find the rune but to no avail. Eventually tiredness gripped them and they retired, but not for long as the Jarl was bellowing from his bedchamber as he complained of stomach spasms and pains in his abdomen. Fearing the worst, Kester rushed to his aid assuming the evil rune was to blame.

Meanwhile Jorun went to speak to her sister who is pregnant. She asked about her husband and how they were bearing up. Nothing untoward was revealed and the conversation was interrupted by the wailing of their father.

In an act of impatience mixed with ineptitude and a thirst for vengeance, one of Jorun’s hirdsman challenged Captain Asger to a duel, accusing him of the ring leader of the attack. Insulted he declared a Holmgang and the fight began.

This duel created a diversion that allowed the search of the rune to continue unimpeded. Kester eventually discovered that the Jarl was simply ill from overindulging from the night before and there was nothing wyrd about his ailment.

Kester decided to witness the Holmgang and lend healing if it was required to the hirdsman. As he did so he watched the other members of the Tryggersson clan who were acting very strangely during the fight. Eventually Captain Asger was victorious and Kester had to muster all of his healing powers from both within Midgard and beyond to save the hirdsman. This did not go unnoticed and Captain Asger saw this as an affront and attacked Kester.

All the while the hirdsman that was touched by the gods had apparently discovered the rune and had been attacked by one of the Tryggersson clan and threw him out of an upstairs window and jumped after him, offending rune in hand. It was quite a sight and one Kester will not likely forget for some time to come.

A beserker in the retinue of Jorun Hrolfsdottir ran Captain Asger through as he chose to protect Kester from being slain. Eventually Stiggandi Tryggverson was killed as he tried to make his escape.

The day ended with song and cheer as the Clan Kjari once again thwarted an assault against it.



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